Our shirts are made using the finest fabrics available and are provided with hand and machine stitching featuring a very short stitch standard.

Interlinings are of the highest quality and attached to the fabric using a special method that prevents shrinkage.

The garments must be washed by hand or machine using mild soap at a temperature no higher than 40 °C (104 °F). If using a machine, we recommend a front-loading (drum) unit set at low speed. The best washing machines we have tested are the German-made Miele.

We’ve found that the most suitable soap for cotton fabrics is Nuncas Saponaria a Mano, whereas Nuncas Intimo e Seta is optimal for silk. To our customers in the U.S.A., where Nuncas may not be available, we recommend the mild liquid soap Ultra Concentrated Delicate Wash as an alternative.

After washing, the lateral stitches and the front placket should be gently stretched and then the shirts can be hung and let dry at room temperature. Machine drying is not recommended.

Steam ironing is a very important step in keeping the garment in perfect condition. Collar, cuffs, and main stitches must be tensioned while ironing and the iron should only press, not glide upon, these tensioned parts.

The shirt can be then folded or hung, with a closed collar button.