Upon our first meeting, after getting acquainted with your wishes and personal style, we study your figuration and take your measurements. This information is critical to success in achieving our top priorities: accurate fit and comfort.

After you leave our atelier, we thoroughly study your measurements and figuration details, and proceed to render this 3-dimensional set of information onto a 2-dimensional model on paper. We create your preliminary, fully-custom paper pattern, the foundation upon which the entire shirt making process is supported. Once completed, we use this draft pattern to cut and prepare a trial shirt from a fabric specially conceived for this purpose.

Now it is time to perform your first fitting to evaluate the fit and style while listening to your feedback. At this point we pin, cut and sew, and fine-tune all the minutiae that may need to be corrected. This process carries on until we reach perfection. The trial shirt is then taken back to the drawing board.

We then draw any required modifications on the pattern and, when necessary, we cut a new pattern. Afterwards, your first shirt is cut and constructed according to your specifications.

You are now invited to try on your first shirt. Provided the shirt suits you to perfection, your pattern is filed for future orders. If, on the other hand, we find there’s any room for improvement, we perform the required modifications on both the pattern and the shirt. Naturally, we are also delighted to alter your pattern if, after a certain period of time, any variations of your figure take place. This process can be executed as many times as necessary.

First orders shall comprise a minimum of six shirts. You are free to select different styles and fabrics. On subsequent orders, no minimum quantity is required.

We select the highest quality fabrics from the best weavers in Italy and Switzerland. Prior to the making we sponge and treat our fabrics and interlinings to prevent undue shrinkage. To preserve the beauty of your commissions for as many seasons as possible, we strongly recommend our shirt refurbishing service, as cuffs and collars, even if taken good care of, will eventually show signs of age.

Our monograms are completely hand made, and are extra. We can follow any design you may choose.

We have the ability and pleasure to elaborate shirts based upon samples, photographs, or drawings you may provide. Notwithstanding, we obtain our maximum satisfaction from the creation of originals, which shall always respect the standards of elegant dress, but never ignore your individuality and unmistakable style.

The making of shirts of the highest quality requires time and dedication. We ask you to please be patient during the busiest seasons, as we cannot produce more than 25 shirts per week.