We offer more than 200 different collar styles from which to choose from. This collection is constantly revised as a function of the requirements of our customers, who provide a continuous stimulus to our creativity.

Having the ability and pleasure to create new collar designs, our samples are only a starting point in the development of your personal collar styles. According to your preferences and needs, we can vary the stiffness of the collars, from very soft to very hard, and anything in between. The proper stiffness is accomplished by carefully selecting the interlinings and by accommodating, if necessary, either removable or fixed collar stays, which can vary as regards rigidity and dimensions.

The design and construction of our collars depend on multiple factors; most notably, the figuration of the client, the type of shirt commissioned, and the fabrics selected. These criteria, however, should never be constrictive nor lead to a lack of personality; naturally, multiple collar types can be worn befitting a wide range of occasions.

Straight-point, Windsor, button-down, English spread , cutaway, round, club, tab, pin, pajama... and many others!